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Monday 02/04/2018 by Ron Myer

  The disciples had just lived through the most traumatized few days of their lives. They had just experienced the horrible death of Jesus, their ...

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You have an accent!

Monday 26/03/2018 by Ron Myer

  Last week we joined over 400 other believers from the DOVE Family from 22 nations around the globe at our international leadership conference. Have ...

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My Understanding

Monday 26/02/2018 by Ron Myer

  Have you ever been in the situation where try as hard as you can, you just can’t figure it out. Why is this happening? ...

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Monday 19/02/2018 by Ron Myer

                                                                                     In Mark 16, Jesus said: “17 These miraculous signs will accompany those who believe: They will cast out demons in my name, and they ...

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Identity Determines Actions

Monday 12/02/2018 by Ron Myer

  An unclear understanding of your identity leads to misguided actions based upon clouded realities. When you realize who you are or more importantly whose ...

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A Real Inspiration

Monday 11/12/2017 by Ron Myer

  I needed the services of a notary last week and as I entered I was amazed to see an elderly gentlemen sitting behind the ...

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Creating Culture

Monday 04/12/2017 by Ron Myer

  The culture of an organization is set by the ones leading it. We can’t complain about something that we have the power and responsibility ...

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Switch Your Mindset

Monday 27/11/2017 by Ron Myer

  Wanda Alger writes, “Do not underestimate the authority of heaven. Do not overestimate the power of the enemy.”  How is that for a great ...

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Leaders Up Front

Monday 20/11/2017 by Ron Myer

  I am back! After five weekends in a row of regional leaders gatherings, four USA and one in Bulgaria, I am back to normal ...

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Tuesday 26/09/2017 by Ron Myer

Attitudes are contagious, is yours worth catching?   D.O.V.E.  

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Larry Kreiders blog

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Never allow a season of your life define who you are

Thursday 19/04/2018 by Larry Kreider

When I was in junior high school, I had a heart murmur. My doctor did not allow me to pay sports, so I had to watch while my friends played. I hated it. I felt like a failure, insecure and stupid. I had listened to lies. But when I gave my life fully to Christ, [...]

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There is a new season coming for you

Friday 13/04/2018 by Larry Kreider

Life comes in seasons. And some seasons are very difficult. There can be seasons of pain and broken relationships, seasons of struggle and unemployment, and seasons of loneliness. Yet at other times, there are seasons of prosperity, seasons of blessing, seasons of healing, and seasons of healthy relationships. Good seasons come and go, as do [...]

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Exposing the imposter

Friday 06/04/2018 by Larry Kreider

I was informed today by the social security office that someone had stolen my identity. They claimed to be me and were receiving my social security checks each month. They faked my cell phone number and then set up a false email address in my name. They also set up a bank account to receive [...]

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Be free to look under my bed

Wednesday 28/03/2018 by Larry Kreider

Our tendency is to show God our trophies, the good things we have done, but God is looking at what we have hidden under our bed. Our loving heavenly father desires for us to be truthful, not perfect; He hates pretense and is not expecting us to always have our act together. The father of [...]

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Embracing our present season

Tuesday 13/03/2018 by Larry Kreider

I have learned that life comes in seasons. We need to embrace our present season, receive grace for it, and realize it will not last forever. The Scriptures tell us, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…He has made everything beautiful in its time.” (Ecc. 3:1&11) God has [...]

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Faith is a choice

Wednesday 07/03/2018 by Larry Kreider

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Faith is a choice, not an emotion. We all have faith, but each of us makes the personal choice as to where we place our faith. Billy Graham chose to place his complete faith and [...]

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He has proved Himself faithful

Wednesday 28/02/2018 by Larry Kreider

Billy Graham’s homecoming reminds us all that our trust in the Lord is based completely on the promises we find in God’s Word. Billy modeled this for us so well. His complete trust was in the God who gave us His Word in the Bible. He received this truth by faith and never looked back. [...]

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A tribute to Billy Graham

Wednesday 21/02/2018 by Larry Kreider

My greatest modern day hero of the faith, Billy Graham, went to be with his Lord early this morning. I have always loved this man. As a young dairy farmer he chose to believe the Bible was the Word of God and committed his life completely to Christ. God used him powerfully to change the [...]

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The difference between reality and the counterfeit

Saturday 17/02/2018 by Larry Kreider

One day a friend gave me a candy bar. Little did I know that he had eaten the real candy bar and carefully replaced it with a piece of wood. When I opened the wrapper, I discovered his clever trick! It was a counterfeit. Every Christian must examine himself to determine if his salvation is [...]

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Do we need more churches?

Friday 09/02/2018 by Larry Kreider

I have heard it said hundreds of times: “We do not need more churches in our community. We have enough churches already.” I disagree. We cannot fulfill the Great Commission without planting churches. We need new churches! Jesus, when He ascended into heaven two thousand years ago, left a spiritual family of 120 believers in [...]

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